Completed Projects

Delivery, Installation, Commissioning and Training

Plastic and Glass to Brick Making

Plastic Densifier to Brick Making

Heavy Duty Multipurpose Shredder

Double Shaft Shredder

Multipurpose Shredder Roller Type

Multipurpose Shredder Trailer Type

MRF Recycling Machine Set

Landfill and MRF Recycling Machine Set

Organic Fertilizer Making Machine Set

Bio Shredder Roller Type

Bio Shredder Trailer Type

Coconut Decorticator Hammermill with Separator

Operational Manual Plastic Melter Densifier Machine

Glass Crusher Pulverizer Trailer Type

Mixed Waste Flat Sorting Conveyor

Oscillating Rotary Screen Sifter with Conveyor for Organic Fertilizer Making

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